Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions:


1. Will Water or Food be Provided?


Thanks to generous donations from local businesses, like Hunt Valley Bagel Works and Mars Supermarket, we can provide our participants with bagels and some type of fruit.  Water bottles will be provided, however it is strongly recommended that you bring your own water bottle.  Water bottles run out quickly and we can only provide a certain amount. If you have any food allergies, you will want to bring snacks from home. We can not guarantee that donated products are allegern free.


2. I registered for the Hike, Run, or Walk but now I can't participate. Is my registration fee refundable?


We are sorry that you can not make it to the Hike! Registration fees are non-refundable. Please consider your $20 registration fee a donation to a great cause!


3. What time should I be there?


Check-in begins at 8:00 am.  The Hike, Walk/Run begins at 9:00am.  We ask all participants to arrive between 8 and 8:30am. We have a fun morning planned before we send you up the hill! If you have not registered yet, you may do so on-site, but please arrive as close to 8am as possible to avoid longer lines. If you arrive before 8am, please be patient with our volunteer staff. We will be busy setting up until 8am and may not be able to immediately assist you if you are early.  Feel free to jump in and help -- we love a few extra hands!

Questions About the 5k Hike/Trail Run:

1. What is the trail like?

The trail begins at the bottom of the Oregon Ridge ski slope. Reaching the top in about 1/4 of a mile, you enter the woods and follow the James Campbell Trail (yellow) to the Ivy Hill Trail (yellow). Along the trail you will encounter rocky terrain and many areas with exposed roots. You will cross four large streams and two small streams. If there has been a significant amount of rain prior to the Hike, the water will be high and your feet will get wet. Our team has worked hard to provide as many rocks as possible for safely crossing the stream. We will also have volunteers in place at each stream to assist participants across. As you exit the Ivy Hill Trail, you will follow the Loggers Trail (red) back to the ski slope.  The mileage is exactly 3.2 from the bottom of the start of the ski slope, through the trails and back down to the pavilions.

2. Will I get muddy or wet?

The short answer is: Yes. If there has been a significant amount of rain, the streams will be crossable but high. Our team has worked very hard to create a rock path through the streams and will have volunteers in place to help you cross - should you need help.  There are muddy spots along the trail, so please be prepared with shoes that can get dirty and wet.  Hiking shoes/boots are highly recommneded.

3. Is the trail paved?

No. The trails at Oregon Ridge are unmaintained. In the weeks and days prior to the Hike, our team clears small hazards like downed branches.  There are two large trees on this trail that appear to block the path, however there are several ways around them. There are also many rocky areas as well as exposed tree roots. Please note, the trail is strenous and is not for anyone with balance issues. 

4. Can I use a stroller on the trail?

No. The trail is not stroller friendly. If you have a jogging stroller, please register for the 3k walk. If using an umbrella stroller or any non-jogging stroller (stroller without all terrain wheels) please register for the loop walk.

5. I have Parkinson's. Can I complete the Hike?

Yes. Many people with Parkison's have completed the Hike without difficulty. However, if you experience severe balance issues or plan on walking alone, we highly suggest you register for the 3k walk instead.

3k Walk/Fun Run Questions:

1. What is the terrain like for the 3k Walk/Fun Run?

The 3k Walk/Fun Run takes place in a mostly grassy area of Oregon Ridge Park. While there is a small portion that is paved, the majority of the walk is in grass. Oregon Ridge often mows the grass before an event, but we can not guarantee that it will be short grass.  If planning on using a stroller, we highly recommend a jogging or all terrain stroller. The 3k Walk/Fun Run is fairly flat with some very small inclines. All skill levels will be able to complete the 3k Walk/Fun Run without difficulty. The terrain does not allow for use of a wheelchair. If planning on using a wheelchair or walker, please register for the Loop Walk.

2. How long is the 3k Walk/Fun Run? 

A 3k is approximately 1.86 miles.  We have created a path through Oregon Ridge that allows for this mileage. As a walker/fun runner, you will make several loops around a large grassy area. While we know that loops can be boring, we promise a lot of fun and cheers from volunteers along the course!

3. Can I use a stroller?

If you would like to use a stroller, please make sure it is a jogging or all terrain wheeled stroller. The 3k fun run/walk takes place mostly in a grassy area that could prove difficult in pushing a stroller of any kind.

Loop Walk Questions:

1. How far is the Loop Walk?

The Loop walk is approximately 0.27 miles. We know this isn't very long and we encourage participants to complete the loop as many times as they feel comfortable. For everyone's safety, we can not use the Oregon Ridge Parking Lot as a paved path, so we use the path around the Lodge.  It is perfect path for those in a wheelchair, using a walker or an umbrella stroller.